And so begins the adventures of Ko, the ninja bounty hunter, and Yokohama, his loyal robot partner. Welcome to the first episode of Ninjicken! There will be a new episode every Wednesday.

I’m discovering new web comics all the time now that I’m working on Ninjicken. There is a wide range of skills and abilities out there. Many web comics out there (tactfully now) are noble endeavors that will need years of work in order to achieve the level of quality they need to achieve in order to be merely … not poopy.

But now and again I run across a web comic I’ve not seen before. It’s well-drawn, in full color and the story’s interesting. And I think, “Wow, darn it. I can’t compete with that.” Then I remind myself that I’m in this for the storytelling and the fun. I hope ya’ll enjoy the story! I hope you find it fun.

Thanks for stopping by!