Apologies for the late episode. I spent most of my spare time last week preparing for my 2 hours of tabling at the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con last Friday evening.

What a fun and amazing experience! I sat and drew peoples’ choice of any character as a chicken for two hours. In that time I drew eleven chickens for people. I drew The Flash, Deadpool, The Joker, Harley Quinn, The Penguin, The Riddler, Black Bolt, a Storm Trooper, Captain Marvel Jr., Doomsday and Larfleeze. I think I’m ready to get my own table next time! I’ll definitely have to have breaks though. Drawing for two hours straight is VERY tiring.

It was super fun meeting and talking with people at the con. Hopefully, some of those people I drew chickens for will check out Ninjicken some time. :)

Meanwhile, I think things will be happening a little bit faster now. Who is this mysterious tourist? And what is he doing flying around in a floating photobooth?

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Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con